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Mis-sold Holiday Clubs

Are you a former owner of Incentive Leisure Group (ILG) or DWVC?

Are you an a former owner of Club Class Holidays or Club Class Concierge?

Right NOW is time to get your money back!

The liquidation of Incentive Leisure Group (January 2011) and Club Class (October 2012) has left tens of thousands of their membership holders seriously out of pocket.


Customers of these clubs joined through various means, some were approached whilst on holiday via street sellers handing out scratch cards and told they had won a "prize". Others were cold called at home and told they had won a free holiday, whilst some responded to newspaper adverts offering help to get rid of their timeshare.

All of these customers had to attend some form of presentation whether abroad or in the UK and this is where they would be introduced to the opportunity of purchasing a holiday club membership.

Despite common belief, these presentations were usually orchestrated by independent authorised vendors, who would have initially bulk purchased the membership from ILG or Club Class and then sold them to their prospective clients for profit.

Most of these distributors were fly-by-night operations, only interested in making a quick buck, often over inflating the benefits of the purchase, existing timeshare owners were told that by purchasing the holiday club membership, the vendor would transfer ownership into their name, thereby relieving them of ever increasing maintenance fees. This was a very attractive proposition for these customers. Those without timeshares were encouraged to purchase the membership on the basis that they could enjoy discounted holidays for many years. Many customers were also gifted Cashback by the distributor which they promised would repay them up-to 100% of their joining fees upon redemption.

Many of these promises were not fulfilled, ownership of timeshares were not transferred, holidays were not as discounted as promoted and some more expensive, and Cashback certificates did not pay out anywhere near 100% of their joining fee.

Then to add salt to the wounds, these independent vendors have long since ceased trading and both Incentive Leisure Group (January 2011) and Club Class (October 2012) have gone into liquidation, leaving their membership holders seriously out of pocket.