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Bogus Resale Companies and Dubious Law Firms

Many unscrupulous companies have set up in business determined to make yet more money from the very same people who have already fallen prey to purchasing a holiday club membership or timeshare.

These resale companies and so called "law firms" enchant their victims with false promises and exuberant financial gains from selling their worthless ownerships or by taking legal action against the club or resort, all the while with the sole intention of misleading consumers into parting with yet more money.

A common scenario is when the consumer is contacted by form of an unsolicited communication (out of the blue) by a so called resale Company and told that they already have a buyer waiting to purchase their ownership. They offer a very attractive price but the consumer is told that they need to pay an upfront holding fee (usually around 10% of the selling price) to complete the sale. Of course this doesn’t happen, the sale “falls through” or the consumer is fobbed off with an abundance of excuses given the resale company enough time to close-up shop and make a quick exit, leaving the consumer thousands of pounds worse off.

Other ploys to extract money include needing to pay translation fees, notary fees, legal fees to join a group litigation, even the cost to obtain a Spanish Social Security number, all of which are complete balderdash and if paid for using a credit card, can be claimed back from your credit card company under section 75 of the UK Consumer Credit Act 1974.

Some rogue companies include:

  • HM Holdings or Half Moon Holdings
  • Red Rock Marketing
  • Blue Chip SL
  • Holiday Rentals Direct
  • Beauregard Marketing Solutions
  • FMD Sales
  • Timeshare Equity Release of Leeds
  • The Timeshare Factory
  • Timeshare Disposals
  • Viva Connect
  • Carlton Services or Consultants
  • Summer Sun International
  • HR Direct
  • TDE Services

Please understand that regardless of whether the name of the company that you paid appears on this list, no such communications should ever be entertained and no fees should ever be paid.

These crooks are very sophisticated and regularly change their names once they are exposed, often contacting their victims under a different guise and extracting further payments due to their cunning powers of persuasion.