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DID YOU BUY your Club Class membership from a company called Club Class Sarl or Club Class Services Sarl using a credit card, whether this be a part payment or the full balance?

Does your bank statement show that your credit card payment was made payable to a third party company named Imagen Sinergica SL?

If this is the case, then the chances of completing a successful Section 75 Claim against your bank or credit card company whether through a third party or independently will diminish to zero.... UNLESS you seek the expertise and unparalleled knowledge of Leisure Claims.

This is because Section 184 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, states that in order for Section 75 to apply, there needs to be a direct link between the Debtor (the client), the Creditor (the bank or credit card company), and the Supplier (Club Class).

If your payment was made payable to Imagen Sinergica SL, then one will need to provide evidence of a direct link between Imagen Sinergica SL and Club Class, and without such detail the Creditor-Supplier link will be broken, meaning the Section 75 will not apply.


The GOOD NEWS is that unlike any of our competitors, Leisure Claims has exclusive access to highly confidential documentation that proves a clear association between Club Class and Imagen Sinergica SL, which addresses this very common pitfall and ensures a fail safe claim process.

Furthermore this evidence has since been verified by the Banking Ombudsman, who are freely available to provide an independent arbitration and positive resolve, should the bank or credit card company continue to reject the claim.

Even if you have had an earlier Section 75 claim rejected on these grounds, please contact Leisure Claims NOW!