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Mis-sold Timeshare

Do you believe that you been mis-sold a timeshare?
Did you experience a lengthy presentation within which you were put under considerable pressure by a smooth talking sales person to sign a timeshare contract?
Were you sold a dream, told it would be a beneficial investment, that could be used by all the family?
Have you ended up with nothing more than a financial burden, that actually doesn’t suit your needs or your budget?
Have the annual management fees spiralled beyond what you expected or were told at the presentation?
Did you pay for any part of your timeshare contract by credit card, or take out a loan agreement through the Timeshare sales company?


We can help you reclaim the money you paid to purchase your mis-sold Timeshare.

Contact us Now for a free assessment of your case & advise you as to whether we can pursue a claim for you.